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Living a miracle by Karishma

This World Lupus Day, the wonderful people at Chronic Pain India asked me to share my story with Lupus. A monster we can’t see but we fight every single day. So, here’s the story of a miracle living a miracle (pun intended)!

understanding & exploring chronic pain
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Understanding and Exploring Chronic Pain

A support group meeting for Chronic Pain warriors in Bengaluru, India with a twist to accept, bond, rejuvenate & walk slowly towards a better life.

Description of pain by a Lupus fighter
Autoimmune conditions

Description of Pain by a Lupus fighter.

Think of pain as a friend. A terrible, toxic friend. Who shows up uninvited, burrows into your life. You can't ask him for help. You can't expect him to understand you and your problems. You're just fundamentally dissimilar. But stuck together, like a buddy cop movie no one asked for. This friend will take up… Continue reading Description of Pain by a Lupus fighter.