Our Vision

To build a strong community for every chronic pain-warrior in India by taking-up, initiating or assisting in starting support group meetings in various cities for different conditions for warriors and caregivers. 

To raise awareness about each and every ailments, disorders, diseases, syndromes and illness (“Conditions”) which can be classified into but not limited to chronic pain conditions, chronic illnesses (autoimmune, neuromuscular etc.) that are not easily visible to the naked eye. 

To publish illustrations, journals, magazines, books, periodicals, articles, blog posts, social media posts, literature or audio/video recording to promote knowledge and understanding about the chronic pain conditions and other related subjects. 

To organize & participate in discussions, conferences, workshops, trainings, festivals, seminars and other events to promote knowledge and understanding about the chronic conditions and other related subjects among people.

To draw on with the doctors and medical professionals in doing workshops and online sessions to help us catalyse awareness in rural areas and small towns. While at the same time, sharing afflictions and observations of pain warriors enables medical professionals a distinguished perspective in regard to their patients.

To undertake advocacy, and research and policy work for fostering a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem for people suffering from the chronic conditions.