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Welcome to Chronic Pain India. As you know, we are trying to raise awareness in India. We are looking for story submissions by Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain sufferers.

Here are the list of conditions, we are trying to raise awareness for.

If you are interested in sharing your story with us, kindly share your stories with us at

There are numerous phases a chronic illness and chronic pain sufferer goes through in their life starting from the day they had their first symptom, following their diagnosis and the every day struggle following it. We are looking for stories in these aspects of life. Here are the list of topics we are looking for pain stories,

    • Diagnosis Journey – For most of us, this is the most difficult part of the life which we tend to never forget. It is unique, different and troublesome for everybody. Share with us your journey through diagnosis.
    • Acceptance stories – Accepting your illness is the toughest part of the pain journey, many of us are still struggling to accept. Share your acceptance story with us and let others know, it’s not that tough to come to terms with your body. It is a challenge but we can do it.
    • Mocking stories – We all have been mocked by someone or the other at home, professional front even by doctors, due to our illness and less understanding. Share such stories with us and tell us how it impacted you.
    • Struggle through pain – We struggle everyday, managing the symptoms and all the pain, yet we keep on doing it. We all have different struggles and different coping mechanisms. Share your everyday struggle and if you have found some ways to cope out of some of them.
    • Positive outlook experiences –  Some of us are just born fighters, while others turn into one with time. We find a positive side in even the worst scenarios. Share such stories with us.
    • Positive & Inspirational stories – A chronic illness can definitely change your life, but many of us are strong enough to surpass them and follow our dreams. If you are one of them, share your story with us and let the others get inspired and motivated by your stories.
    • We all meet negative people in our life and as a chronic sufferer it is not healthy for us at times. How do you mute negative people from your life?
    • Mental and Physical abuse at home and workplace – Many of us sadly phase such situation everyday due to zero or some understanding of our condition. Share such story with us and let others read them in a hope that they would stop doing that someday. They will start to understand you someday. (This topic is very sensitive and you are a very strong soul to step out and share it with us, as a respect we assure you any story regarding this topic will always be anonymous, unless you want us to share your name.)
    • Medical insurance claims
    • A letter to yourself (To motivate during painful phases)
    • Tips and Tricks to Self Care – If you have some wonderful tips up your sleeve, share with us and let others benefit by them.

We have tried to cover topics in every aspect possible we could think off. Still, being a human we might have missed some topic or some aspect through the life of a chronic sufferer. If you have any such story, share them too. The point is to raise awareness and be understood in the end.

Pain story guidelines:-

    • The story should be fresh and not published elsewhere. If it is published elsewhere, we want to know if you have the rights to get it republished.
    • The story should be submitted by an Indian (residing or non residing) or a foreigner living in India.
    • The story should be written in Ms Word or Pages.
    • Word limit is 1500 words maximum.
    • Submit a title of your choice.
    • While submitting the story, add your name, age, city and your diagnosis, also mention if you want to share your story by your name or stay anonymous. (We wont be sharing these information with anyone, we need these details as a proof of authentication)
    • You can add images in the story.
    • You can provide us with a cover image for your story of your choice, otherwise we will add it ourselves.
    • When sending us your story, kindly add a note “I, (Your name) allow Chronic Pain India to edit the story, if needed.

Please note : We do edit stories and their titles according to our own editorial guidelines. For example, certain language change or change of title, if needed for clarity. Hence, we require editorial rights from you. If we do any major changes in the story, we will definitely run it by you before publishing the story.

If you want to share more than one story with us or understand the cause and want to write as a permanent contributor on Chronic Pain India or want to volunteer with us to raise awareness. Let us know, we will be happy to have more people working for the cause.

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