Welcome to Chronic Pain India.

We are a registered Charitable Trust founded in the year 2017, by Dr. Anubha Mahajan. We work in the direction of providing knowledge and raising awareness in India regarding various chronic pain conditions and chronic illnesses which are usually invisible to the naked eye. Working together with medical professionals from different fields, we strive towards providing aid to every chronic pain sufferer in India along with a platform where they express and inspire others with their respective journeys!

For those who might wonder – What exactly is ‘Chronic Pain/Illness’? 

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), Chronic pain is often defined as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. There are a number of studies, highlighting facts on the same. Below we have listed a few for your insight:

  1. A study by  Dureja G.P. et al (2014) on the “Prevalence of Chronic pain, impact on daily life and treatment practices in India” stated that a significant population of India with a point prevalence of 13%, suffer from chronic pain, and their quality of life is affected leading to disability. 
  2. Another study done by AK Saxena (2018) on “The Prevalence of Chronic Pain among Adults in India” stated prevalence of 19.3% with a higher prevalence in females (25.2%) with a significant impact on work and daily function. 
  3. A study done by Deshpande AN(2018) on the “Prevalence of chronic pain based on Public Health Centre data from a city in central India” stated prevalence of 29.6% with female patients more in number.

Chronic Pain India works on the principles of a medico-social model and therefore, is committed to build a strong community for every chronic pain-warrior in India by raising awareness about various chronic pain conditions and chronic illnesses.

We aspire to bridge the gap between the patients and the structures of society which in turn enables us to work in the following ways:-

  1. Irrespective of hindrances we encourage the patients to come forward, share their ordeal, and aid them to access medical support on time. Further, through our support groups and workshops we prompt them to deal with the other accompanying aspects of living with a chronic illness.
  2. Consecutively, we also draw on with the doctors and medical professionals in doing workshops and online sessions to help us catalyze awareness. While at the same time, sharing afflictions and observations of pain warriors enables medical professionals have a distinguished perspective in regard to their patients.

This bilateral approach of our organization helps us to build a supportive environment and a more accessible alternative for the transformation of communities, health systems and global health policies which is very integral to the cause of chronic pain and for chronic illness warriors.  

We at ‘Chronic Pain India’, are involved in initiatives that advance the voices of pain warriors on known and celebrated social media platforms. Through our Virtual Support Group activities and other workshops we feed the emotional and mental needs of the warriors. While our far-sighted and empathetic team infuses sensitivity in the medical professionals that help the overall treatment process. 

Chronic Pain India actively seeks donations which are further utilized in the awareness programs and other workshops for chronic pain and chronic illnesses across the country. 

Our sole aim is to enlighten India about Chronic Illness and lay bare the reality which has been misunderstood for years now. Chronic Pain India wants to be a harbinger of change in this segment, paving the way for better lives and lifestyles for all pain warriors.

We are here to make people see the invisible!

For more information about us, you can write to us at contact@chronicpainindia.com