Our Status

The foundation of Chronic Pain India was laid down in 2017. This organization is registered as a Charitable Trust in Faridabad, Haryana-India. Dr Anubha Mahajan, our founder, quotes that “We want these voices to be like a tiger’s roar, standing out and marking their territory to say: We won’t stop until we are heard, and things have changed for us. We have equal rights as every other Indian and deserve to be treated equally. We may be suffering by conditions that are not visible to naked eyes at times and are incurable but we certainly deserve better medical treatments and healthcare in India. We might be suffering, but we are strong. We don’t want mercy or sympathy; we just want to be understood.” Dr Anubha and the Chronic Pain India team strongly believe Chronic Pain India will be the voice for each and every person who is living with chronic pain or a chronic illness.