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Pain is Personal

The amount of anguish or suffering can never be quantified, as its level doesn’t have a number. Can never be measured using a scale or by using a formula in excel. Pain is purely qualitative.

In many cases, the affected person alone will understand how gloomy it is, while the world might feel it’s a normal thing. But what truly matters is how you feel, how you underwent the entire pain-saga, not what a third-person feels about your life. People will always have the most intellectual ideas for our problems but never allow them to belittle your struggle. It’s you who is suffering, not them. Only you know how tough it is. And yes, I’m not talking about the genuine people who take interest in your welfare and wellbeing, this is more towards those who randomly/blindly comment based on their set views.

No one has the right to discredit one’s efforts to strive towards success, oh leave success, progressing towards normalcy itself is an achievement in many cases. Many stuff is considered to be normal, but is it really normal for those who are suffering? No, because each and every pain point is unique and can be understood only by the one who is facing it. Normalcy itself is subjective. What may be normal for you may not necessarily mean normal to me.

Every single one of us is essentially a different human being. There is no substitution for respect, albeit there is one for prejudice. Build the former, avoid the latter, although it is hard but still very much practicable. When this is done, there is natural warmth, and probably a better understanding between people. More importantly, illicit comments on personal life will be reduced by this.

Promote kindness and love, as the person you know, maybe fighting a battle, which is unknown to you!

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