This is How I Roll #WorldDisabilityDay

With nine years of experience rolling , am pretty sure I can be a racer on my throne.. er..chair. Life is filled with moments of sour lemons, jugaad and chocolate cake. But it always comes around to chocolate cake, with cherries of course. I am Leha, a writer and mostly a dreamer with a crazy… Continue reading This is How I Roll #WorldDisabilityDay

understanding & exploring chronic pain
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Understanding and Exploring Chronic Pain

A support group meeting for Chronic Pain warriors in Bengaluru, India with a twist to accept, bond, rejuvenate & walk slowly towards a better life.

Will I - A pain poem
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Will I ? – A Pain Poem

Will I ever be able to live pain free and struggle free? Will I ever be able to fulfill all my dreams, that I worked hard my entire life for? Will I ever? ... .. . Just one simple question; I keep asking myself every single night ! Lying in the bed, drenched in tears… Continue reading Will I ? – A Pain Poem