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Book Review: FAB Health – Understanding Why We Become So Ill So We Can Become Better by Paulette Agnew

About the Book

Finally, there is an answer for how to live a healthy life and heal completely without drugs. The natural world and all life exists in a matrix of light and frequency. Modern lifestyle and toxicity create disturbances in the holographic body and cellular communication, causing ill health. Water, earth, electromagnetism, and air contain the energy and blueprint to maintain perfect health.

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FAB Health introduces a new, healing paradigm to treat Lyme, super bugs, and chronic diseases in a polluted world where antibiotics are failing. The emerging field of Frequency and Bio-energy (FAB) medicine is real and it’s possible. Paulette Agnew shares her journey through FAB medicine through her thought-provoking story combining cutting edge science and research with practical ancient medicine to help humanity wake up and live as they are meant to: with power, passion, and abundant energy. For those looking to live a natural lifestyle and protect the earth, FAB Health reveals the miracle of life and humanity’s interconnection with all beings.

About the Author


Paulette Agnew holds an honors degree in Biochemistry. A lifetime of outdoor pursuits and a mountaineering family has given her a deep passion for nature and its healing benefits. She contracted Lyme disease whilst working with child soldiers in S. Sudan, and 10 years later was critically near death. After finally being diagnosed, she discovered a specialist clinic in Holland that would treat her with light and frequency and embarked on an intense clinical treatment plan. It took almost two years to fully recover and rebuild the many body systems to get back to peak fitness. Paulette currently resides in Scotland, where she has run a yoga and meditations teacher training school for twenty years.


For any one suffering from chronic illness, the first question that always comes to the mind is ‘Why me?’ We are always curious to know why and what led to this illness leaving us puzzled. This book by Paulette Agnew aims at not only answering that question but also addressing the various ways we can work on our health to lead a healthy life without relying on antibiotics or any such medication.

Written in a humorous tone, the author shares her battles with Lyme and near death experiences which made her question the medication she was on. Having read and researched this subject well, she finally managed a huge break through in terms of Frequency and Bio-energy (FAB) medication.

She goes on to explain how our body is made up of light, electrons and frequency, making us understand in depth how the we are all heading towards an era where common infections and minor injuries can once again kill, because the resistance our bodies have developed towards majority of the antibiotic medicines. According to her research and findings, FAB treatments are the best replacement option available for us. With a foreword by Sir Julian Rose ( Pioneer of organic farming, UK), this book is an eye opener at many levels.

In author’s words,
This concept, our interconnection with all things, could be one of the greatest mysteries of life waiting for each of us to explore. The discovery of our entanglement and the responsibility that lies inherent within this knowledge must be the next step for humanity if we are to survive as a species.

It is interesting to note how our hectic lifestyle, stressful working conditions and other factors add to our health. Also, how some very seemingly minuscule alterations in diet and lifestyle can lead to such amazing results for all chronic illness sufferers. This book is like a beam of hope for all of us, who want to break-free from this pain and lead a healthy life without any dependence on medication. Reading this book could be the first step towards it.

With honesty and humour laced throughout the narrative, this book is an empowering read. Replete with wonderful illustrations, the book tells us what to do and how to do in a friendly tone without sounding too preachy or pushy. It is a strongly recommended read, for it leaves you feeling empowered about your health and also inspired to alter your lifestyle and heal yourself.

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