Dear friend, I'm getting there, and I believe you.
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Dear friend, I’m getting there, and I believe you!

A year ago, this day, my eyes were opened to how petty my problems were, and how ignorant an educated idiot I was.  Or maybe I was not to be blamed entirely. For no one and no institute ever brought into focus, anything about Chronic Pain. So, naturally, it was quite tough for me to grasp the concept.

Just because some illness ain’t visible, doesn’t mean it ain’t there. Like darkness, you think it’s not there but try switching off all the light and close the curtains and Voíla!

Imagine a papercut. Hurts like a bitch,  ain’t it? When it is widely understood that even such a tiny cut hurts, why aren’t people ready to understand or open their narrow sewers of mind, that just because a person “doesn’t look ill” doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting. Because it’s not happening to them, people look the other way. Like ignoring its presence will immune them to it. Or make it go away. Imbeciles! They don’t even need your help, they’ve lived their life with this pain long enough, they definitely don’t need your goddamn pity! All they want is for you to understand, to believe them when they say it’s hurting or to see through their “I’m fine”. Instead of making the country or the population aware of such a huge constant, nobody talks, they keep mum (I don’t even know who I am blaming or who ‘they’ are, I’m just angry) resulting in a population of educated idiots, like me. I know it’s scary, trying to understand something you don’t understand, but I think the time has come for that to change, and Chronic Pain India, for one is doing one hell of a job.

In the not so distant past, I was a part of a trekking trip. The stretch was just 6kms but the climb was steep, and sweet lord, my body complained every step of the way. The pain was so bad that by the time we reached the top, I was ready to drop to the ground and never again put myself through the same, ever again. But, the trek was MY choice, nobody forced me to it and the view was worth every bit of it.

Amidst all the feelings I was feeling; the bittersweet exhilaration of scaling the steep hill, the beauty that left me awestruck, it passed through my mind for a fleeting second, this is what it must feel like, CHRONIC PAIN, albeit on a larger scale, without their consent, and consistently. That day I understood.

This is a shoutout to all the Chronic Pain Warriors, battling this unseen monster, I may not know your pain, I may not be able to help you alleviate your pain, even just a little, but I promise little by little, I’m getting there, understanding this whole new side of life of pain. Every day you wake up and do what you do, you’re doing enough. I believe you.

Love, A Friend.

This piece of writing was submitted by a friend who after getting connected to Chronic Pain India and reading the stories of different pain sufferers has started to understand pain with a different perspective and wants others to understand it too.

Dear friend, I'm getting there, and I believe you.


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