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COVID-19 : Assistance in procuring medicines and consulting doctors

We understand this lockdown isn't easy and the uncertainty about its future adds to the unease. However, Team CPI wants you to know, YOU are not alone. If you or anyone you know is facing difficulty in getting their medicines due to lockdown restrictions or is unable to seek doctor's consultancy for any ailment they… Continue reading COVID-19 : Assistance in procuring medicines and consulting doctors

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Chronic Pain India is now on YouTube

At Chronic Pain India, it has been our constant endeavour to bring forth stories of Pain Warriors and spread awareness about living with pain. This Pain Awareness Month, we launched our YouTube Channel as a step further towards our goal.

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In conversation with Dr. Harbinder Sandhu

As a part of our celebrations of Pain Awareness Month in 2019, we are bringing together Doctors, Pain Warriors and Caregivers to share their experiences of dealing with pain. We have been sharing interesting LIVE sessions, Pain Warrior Stories and informational videos daily to commensurate it. Taking it further today, we have with us Dr.… Continue reading In conversation with Dr. Harbinder Sandhu

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Ask The Experts # 1

Respected doctor I have already got extracted half of my teeth in upperand lower jaws. Now my question is that to fit artificial tooth set in anyone jaw, do have I to get the remaining natural teeth extracted? -Palanisamy Balakrishnan Hello Palanisamy,It is not necessary that you have to pull out all your natural teeth… Continue reading Ask The Experts # 1