How Chronic Pain changes every aspect of your life...
Autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, invisible illness

How Chronic Pain changes every aspect of your life…

So how different is the life of normal people from people with Chronic Pain? Well not only managing the illness and pain, everything changes its meaning when people live with chronic relentless pain. So here is my question to normal people can you deal with this daily and won’t be exhausted?

1. Sleepless nights due to pain or waking up tired even after long hours of sleep.
2. Weakened up immune system and ending up catching infections fast.
3. Change in eating habits as what you may love to eat may not be suitable for your health.
4. Unexpected weight gain and weight loss.
5. Social circle getting small because you end up cancelling plans due to pain.
6. Taking a shower or washing your hairs leave you exhausted.
7. Lack of focus and blurred vision due to medications.
8. Forgetting sentences mid-sentences.
9. Bending up and tying your shoes in severe pain.
10. Daily new symptoms that you don’t know are part of this illness or you are going through something new.
11. Unquenchable thirst and dry mouth due to some medicines.
12. A whole long list of doctors and weekly visits.
13. Finding no answers to your daunting health issues.
14. Constant washroom trips.
15. Taking medication for pain but it makes you constipated, then taking medication for your constipation that makes you nauseous and another medicine for this nausea. The list goes on.
16 . Depression due to constant pain.
17. Feeling of isolation.
18. The guilt of not able to meet expectations.
19. Spending days after days in bed due to pain.
20. Getting bruises easily even though you clearly remember you didn’t bump in anything.
21. You need to exercise but your pain don’t allow you to even move an inch.
22. Not able to work.
23. Not able to try all the treatments because living with chronic illnesses is expensive.
24 . Not being believed that you are suffering.
25. Lack of motivation to do anything.

How Chronic Pain changes every aspect of your life...

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