Humanity – a stranger’s help.

People generally talk about humanity.

 Humanity in general means “the quality of being humane” or “Human Beings Collectively”.

Human Being is said to be gods biggest accomplishment. The most superior living race. Now, who declared we humans the most superior race. We humans ourselves!

When in reality we all are animals. We still strive for the survival of the fittest. And we fight amongst each other. Fights over the name of religion, cast, creed, etc . You just name it. Add any word before violence, for “e.g. Religious violence” over google. And you will find how humanity is taking shape from the very starting of our civilisation.

Humanity is actually a complex word as complex as we humans are. After all who invented the word humanity. We the humans.

You must be thinking what rubbish is she writing. If you had this thought in your mind congratulations it’s a human being who is reading this. But, if for a minute you could feel what I wrote then welcome my brothers and sisters let’s just elope to another planet or let’s make a new city. This world is too populated with “humane” people.
These days there is another form of violence people suffer. The violence suffered by people who are different. I am talking about the transgender, gay, lesbians (LGBT community).
So, according to many humane people around they are the corrupt people polluting our world. They are the sick mentality people. They are defected by there brains. These people will burn in hell. Why! Because they broke the gods ordinance. That’s not how God made us.

Firstly, I want to ask,
“Have you seen God?”.

“Who is God?”

“How does God actually look like?”

Well, according to Gita, Quran & Bible(the three holy books).  When the children of God are in need, God comes down in human form. Not the “humane” form.
I had such an experience. I was on the way to NIMHANS(National Institute of mental health and neurosciences)  to meet the psychologist for my biofeedback appointment. I was with my mother in a cab and suddenly my laryngeal muscles started to spasm. I was not able to breathe or speak. My tongue was going back and I was choking myself. I was scared. Seeing all this happening my mother was scared too. She was begging the cab driver to drive fast and reach the hospital. It was a moment of panic. And the driver did not care much. He was more scared of getting a ticket for driving fast more than a girl dying in his cab. She kept on insisting and the person kept his ears numb, I guess. Because my mother’s voice was not reaching him, somehow. All he wanted was not to get a speed driving ticket.

Why would he care. He is a “humane” person.

I was crying by then and trying to tell my mother with gestures(since I was not able to speak). “It’s okay! I will manage, we will reach the hospital”. When inside I was scared as hell.

But then something happened. We reached a signal and a transgender (hijada in Hindi) was begging on that signal. It saw the delimna me and my mother were and yelled at the driver in Kannada(local language of Karnataka) to move faster and called for all its other friends(the other transgender) on the road and they got the signal cleared for us. And that is how I reached the hospital on time.

For me that transgender was like my saviour before the doctors gave me injections and made me breathe again.

You can also call this experience of mine as “real humanity” also. Somehow, the person (the transgender) wasn’t an appropriate person according to many humane people around. They have been considered as a disgrace to humans. A byproduct, a defect to humanity but to me, that person was no less than a God. Who got the way cleared for me. I can’t even imagine what would have had happened to me there on that long signal full of traffic had it not been for them.
That’s it. If I don’t spiritualise it. Then I guess I met “Humanity” in its true form.

Humanity- a stranger's helping hand

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  1. Congratulations…. You can meet humanity in the least expected places & in lots of humans too, I will not attach it to ordinary people or transgender, gay or lesbian. The act of humanity always leaves its mark , and is remembered with gratitude.
    Best of luck .

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