BohecoLife’s Hemp Seed Oil- review by chronic pain india

Review of BohecoLife’s Hemp Seed Oil

Boheco Life launched Hemp Seed Oil, a non-greasy oil made by pressing hemp seeds and has omega-6 to omega-3 in the ratio of 3:1. These products are not only infused with full spectrum Cannabis Leaf Extract which includes CBD but is also rich with the other cannabinoids found in the cannabis product to give the user an entourage effect/wholesome treatment.

A product which caters to multiple functions and is a one-stop solution at an inclusive price. The following are the benefits of this Hemp Seed Oil:
1. Aids skin rejuvenation
2. Improves vision
3. Aids heart health
4. Improves memory & brain function
5. Builds lean muscle
6. Boosts metabolism
7. Increases energy level
8. Aids digestive health
Bringing two-fold advantages, the oil is raw, unrefined, and cold-pressed to preserve its Himalayan goodness.

How to Use Hemp seed oil:

The beauty of Hemp Seed Oil is that it is great for both-  consumption and application! You can drizzle it over your food and enjoy the nutrition and subtle burst of flavour it offers. Or you can apply it on your skin as the perfect moisturizer! Hence, leaving up to you to decide how to bring its rich composition into use. 

It can be used for both cooking and skincare. This non-greasy oil is made by pressing hemp seeds and has omega-6 to omega-3 in the ratio of 3:1. Leaving it up to you to decide how to bring its rich composition into use. You may enjoy the nutrition by garnishing your food or simply replace it with your regular skin moisturizer. 

Pricing of Hemp seed oil:

Available in two variants of 250 mL & 500 mL, Hemp Seed Oil is priced at Rs. 849 & Rs. 1,249 respectively. 

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My Experience with Hemp seed oil:

Dr. Anubha Mahajan

I’ve used hemp oil in different ways- even in my hair for nourishment and massages, along with the skin oil or CBD oil. I never noticed any hair damage. As a matter of fact it always felt bouncier and shinier. I’ve also used it to make cookies and brownies even though it’s not for baking or cooking as it’s to be used more as a dressing. So this is slowly replacing olive oil for my pasta, vinaigrette and salads as its nutty flavor suits my palate a lot, not to forget the boon of added protein in my diet.

  • Pros: I have a very sensitive stomach because of my illness- I have internal spasms and my stomach swells up at times. It’s easier for me to get a stomach upset with loosies and diarrhea but fortunately, I never experienced any such thing with hemp seeds, hemp oil, or hemp powder. It has been safe on my stomach.
  • Cons: Again some may not like its distinct flavor, but no other cons beyond that.

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