BohecoLife’s Hemp seed powder - review by chronic pain india

Review of BohecoLife’s Hemp Seed Powder

Boheco Life launched Hemp seed powder which is made from raw hemp seeds. This is a 100% plant-based protein with the ability to provide you with a wholesome source of nutrition. These products are not only infused with full spectrum Cannabis Leaf Extract which includes CBD(full form)but is also rich with the other cannabinoids found in the cannabis product to give the user an entourage effect/wholesome treatment.

As they say one should get a minimum of 10% of their daily calories from protein, resorting to Hemp seed powder can be hassle-free as the powder will blend perfectly with all your meals.

Treatments have tremendously improved in recent times and we can rejoice knowing the following benefits of this Hemp Seed Powder: 

  • Aids muscle repair
  • Improves energy levels
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves memory & brain function
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases energy level 
  • Aids digestive health
  • Cardio-protective

A scoop of the Hemp Seed goodness is all you need to meet your daily protein intake which is not just great for body repair & build but for heart health and metabolism too.

How to Use Hemp seed powder:

Hemp Protein Powder lends its nutritious touch to any meal so you can bake with it or add it to your smoothie- It’s set to pave the way for a healthy diet!

Pricing of Hemp seed powder:

Available in three variants of 100G, 500G & 1KG, Hemp seed powder is priced at Rs. 299, Rs. 1,149 & Rs. 1,999 respectively.

***Special discount for chronic pain warriors: Use code CPI10 to get a discount of 10 % on BohecoLife products.

My Experience with Hemp seed powder:

Tasneem K

  • Pros: Since I went gluten-free, BOHECO’s Hemp seed powder has been a great saviour in helping me balance my protein & fiber intake. I add it to my oats flour while making rotis or use it to thicken my gravies. You can also add it to your smoothies, but I personally don’t prefer that as I am not into smoothies much.
  • Cons: None

Dr. Anubha Mahajan

Hemp seed, Hemp seed powder, and hemp oil were sent to me as samples after I had reached out to them. These came as a vegan plant-based option of added protein in my diet. With CRPS one needs to be very careful about muscle loss, muscle tone, and muscle wasting so we need to have a certain amount of protein for the body, especially since my reports showed some amount of muscle wasting happening in my body. 

  • Pros: Before BOHECO I was restricted to one particular chocolate flavour of a popular protein powder brand which I could add to my milkshakes or smoothies only. But hemp powder my options increased multifold. I started using it in my baking too. I made oats and hemp brownies once which came up really well and were also palatable. From there it moved to my smoothies and I could try many fruit variants as the hemp powder did not come in a particular flavour and this went well with any fruit flavour. I haven’t used it in my chapatis but I know of people who have.
    I have a very sensitive stomach because of my illness but fortunately, I never experienced any such thing with hemp seeds, hemp oil or hemp powder. It has been safe on my stomach.
  • Cons: It has a particular bitter taste so one needs to understand to balance the flavours while using it and teaming it with the right kind of foods and recipe

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