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Why we feel a Doctor’s Directory is required?

Many of us have faced those tough times where we have gone to multiple doctors with our issues of severe pain to weird symptoms list and no idea how and why all this is happening to us. Confused and scared, with a hope that the doctor we are visiting will have all the answers to our problems. Instead, we come back home disappointed and shunned, even more scared and confused than before with not much answers to our problems.

We just end up meeting the wrong specialist. Sometimes, through the help of online services and apps like Practo we do find the doctor in the correct field of expertise (we feel so until we meet them) and we come back disappointed with the doctor informing us he/she cannot help us or he/she has no idea why all this is happening to us. We get stuck in a vicious cycle of meeting numerous doctors , numerous test results, but still no diagnosis. Then one fine day, after going through lots of disappointment and troubles, this vicious cycle breaks and we get a diagnosis. There are people who have got a diagnosis after struggling for years like this, some still don’t have a diagnosis because they haven’t been lucky enough to find that one doctor yet.

Sometimes, even after getting a diagnosis on time, the doctor is not able to help you further with your treatment. Your problems are getting complicated and the solutions are getting scarce. You have to start looking for a doctor again, because you did get a diagnosis but your problems are not getting solved. Your condition is not stabilising and you don’t know what to do.

This is how every chronic pain and chronic illness sufferer has met the right doctor. Many of us, have still not found one and are still struggling. We want to break this cycle and want that people should be lucky enough to meet the right doctor on time, get the diagnosis on time and treatment on time. Because this can really make a difference in a chronic sufferers life. The mental torture of finding the right doctor can be succumbed. You can focus on healing yourself timely. You can get regular treatments and help managing your condition without much trouble.

This is why we have been asking chronic sufferers to share their tested and tried  Doctor’s details with us. The Doctor’s who have helped them and they believe that they can help other sufferers too. This one step can really solve a major problem, we face.

Kindly share with us your recommended Doctor’s details,

  1. Doctor’s Name
  2. Address of the clinic/hospital
  3. Phone Number (optional)
  4. Email Address (optional)
  5. which condition did you visit them for (your diagnosis )
  6. Any remark or detail, you want to add through your experience.

Here is a link to the list of conditions for which we are looking Doctor recommendation for.

If you are an Indian suffering from any of these conditions, kindly share with us the details of your recommended doctor’s at 

Help us build a Doctor’s Directory.

Help Us Build A Doctor's Directory

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