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Beginning of a New Year! (2018)

31st December 2017,

(Last blog post of the year.)

Since last 4 days, I have been wondering what did I do this year. Highlights of the year. But, I couldn’t come across any happy memories. This year had been a tough year. Lots of falling ill, pain issues, new symptoms, an extended leave from work  and hospital emergencies. A tough year with lots of sad painful moments and less off happy memories. I can still write about all those experiences in short. Summarise them since my memory is intact.

Instead, I decided on diverting my concentration on how I want my New Year to be like and I drew this doodle. I call it , “My Prediction Doodle 2018”. I started to imagine how I want 2018 to be like and here is my vision:-

  1. I am happy and confident.
  2. I am loved by my family and friends.
  3. My life is full of smiles and laughter.
  4. It is a joyful year.
  5. I am at peace and harmony.
  6. Humanity is my biggest virtue.
  7. I am energetic and radiant.
  8. I am leading a healthy life with lots of energy, strength and efficiency.
  9. I am skilful yet soulful.
  10. I am brave and honest.
  11. It is a blissful year with lots radiance, creativity, humour and music and dancing involved.
  12. I am surrounded by lots of positivity.
  13. I preach mindfulness. 


You can be whatever you want to. If you had a year full of sorrow, pain and regrets that doesn’t mean you have to channelise it to the next year. Channel the best of yourself into 2018. And Welcome it with open arms.

Share your Predictions for 2018.


– Anubha Mahajan

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