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App Review: Pathways- The Pain Relief App

At a time when our lives are dominated by apps, it is exhilarating to find an app that is solely made for Pain Warriors by pain warriors after extensive research and analysis. Few months ago we came across this innovative app called Pathways – The Pain Relief App which made us curious enough to try it for a month to understand the pros and cons of using it.

What is Pathways? (Source)

Source: Pathways

Pathways was released to the world in July 2018 after 18 months of non-stop design, development and content creation. That all paid off when we started receiving reviews like this:

It really changed my life. My whole outlook and approach to my pain has changed and after 3 weeks it has started to vanish. A fantastic app, I am already spreading the word, I think this can make a difference for a lot of people.”


We knew we were onto something big, and that Pathways could dramatically improve the lives of so many people in pain. We’re humbled to say that Pathways has done just that. We receive incredible success stories almost every day. The drive to change the way people think about and treat pain comes from my own experiences with chronic pain.

In the words of the founder of Pathways, Sandip Sekhon,

Our mission is to reduce pain and suffering in the world. First goal: a million people pain free.”

Who is it for?

This app can be used by anyone who has been suffering from chronic pain which in medical terms is a pain that has lasted for more than 12 weeks.  As their FAQ section reads this app has been useful for people suffering from the following:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Neck Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Joint Pains
  • Sciatica
  • Tinnitus
  • Digestive Issues

The list is exhaustive and the type of ailments of pain warriors who have benefited from this app just keeps on increasing as one can notice from the reviews of users who claim to be suffering from osteoarthritis, scoliosis, Lyme and other such pain ailments. With regular usage, they have seen noticeable reduction in their pain.

How does it work?

Considering the fact that the founder’s battles with RSI pushed him to find something which could help his address his pain issues, this app is path breaking in many ways. For starters the amount of research and analysis backing this whole idea is amazing and to top of it, the Science behind the Pathways is something that will surely put all your doubts to rest.

Pathways as an organisation comes across as someone who is dedicated to pain management with an aim to first demystify pain and then help you handle it. They try to explain pain science and explain at length how one can address the pain issues arising on a daily basis.

Image Source: Pathways

The moment you download the app, you are asked certain questions which are basically a consultation to determine your pain anxiety analysis. The questions are extremely simple and can be answered by dragging the pointer to the relevant answer. Once the analysis is over the app begins to explain us what is chronic pain and encourages us to visit a doctor before asking us to sign up.

After the sign up, you have two choices of either listening to introductory audio session or go to the home screen and browse. The interface is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. There are inspiring quotes on the screen to keep you motivated every time you log in. You can rate your general pain level and participate in feel good tasks to help you cope up with that pain.

The next screen is that of additional consultations after your initial consultation which starts with sessions which tell us about pain, pain management, Pathways and how we can always work on it to lead a life we always aspired for. Pain should not discourage us from leading a normal life. One needs to complete the open sessions to be able to unlock further sessions on the app. Each session is short and not more than 15 minutes. Narrated in a calming voice, the sessions put you at ease instantaneously.

In the next screen is the Me-Time section where you will find various ways to relax which are basically guided meditations. Neatly divided into five segments namely – Relax, Well-being, Inspiration, Sounds and Sleep this section is one that is extremely helpful for any pain sufferer. As the names suggest, these segments have audio sessions which include sounds of nature, short stories with morals, guidance of how to recover from trauma, what to do when in pain etc.

Using your favourite audio podcasts from the segments mentioned above you can also create your own playlist to use it in a jiffy without fumbling around the app too much. You can also favourite sessions and/or authors and keep that list handy for easy access.

In short, this app takes us on an interactive journey and helps us understand our behavior with respect to our mind and body. Further it then helps us understand the pattern behind it all and aids us in overcoming the issues we face while bearing with pain.

What did CPI find?

At CPI, we encouraged two individuals to try it out as we wanted to have a balanced view about the app. Bringing together their own experiences of dealing with pain since last few years because of their ailments, their feedback on the app has been extremely positive.

This app helped me when I was having one of my worst tendinitis triggers and my hands just refused to function. I wasn’t even able to hold my tooth-brush one fine morning and I was supposed to fly out of country in exactly a week to start a course. It was as if my worst nightmares had come true.

(Namrata-Hashi Warrior)

The effects are visible after 4-5 sessions itself where you see a drastic difference in the pain levels. You not only feel in control of your pain but also are able to diminish the constant state of fear and anxiety that comes along with prolonged suffering of pain related ailments. The mental state of hyper-alert gradually calms down with the sessions you undergo.


  • User friendly
  • Understands the trauma of suffering from constant pain and guides accordingly
  • Can be customised as per your diagnosis and ailments
  • One stop solution for all pain related issues – lack of sleep, anxiety, panic attacks, pain flares etc.
  • Does not advise on medications
  • Works along with your doctor


Technically there are no cons except the fact that this is NOT a completely free app. However, before you pay for full access to the whole program you can listen to up to 10 sessions and worked on two tasks assigned to you which help reduce pain. It also has more than twenty free meditation and mindfulness exercises which one can avail. This gives you a fair idea about what all is available for you once you pay and how it will benefit you in the long run.

Our Verdict

We definitely recommend this app to all pain warriors who deal with constant pain in some form of the other in day to day life.

Where can I find this app?

This app is now available for download at all Google Play Stores or iOS App Stores. (Just search for Pathways Pain Relief App) It has a yearly subscription of Rs. 5500/- through which you can access all the above mentioned services and work towards leading a normal life that is not hampered due to your chronic pain issues.  

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