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Recommended Guided Meditations to Help You Heal

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools for dealing with stress and stress induced ailments. It not only ensures a calm and peaceful mind, it also helps you in sleeping peacefully at night which in turns leads to a healthy life. Aided with aromatherapy this is one thing I cannot recommend enough to one and all.

Since 2014 i.e. after I was detected with an autoimmune disorder, I have tried to make meditation a part of my daily routine. I make it a point to start and end my day with it. With the onset of YouTube, it has become more easier to follow it because they even have sounds that can help us in during our pain phases and ones that help us calm down when we feel anxiety building up. For someone who is prone to anxiety attacks, it is a huge relief to have something at the click of a button that helps me stay neutral despite the circumstances around me.

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So here, I am sharing with you five of my favourite guided meditations on YouTube, with a hope that it helps you sail through some of the darkest phases of our life:

1. Blissful Deep Relaxation

I use this short meditation on days when my anxiety is running high due to various reasons and I need to calm like RIGHT NOW. This has an instant effect and results are for you to see. It never fails to put me in a relaxed state.

2.  Ten minute pain relief

This is for those days when I am in pain which is not extreme but is causing some difficulty in functioning. Regular use of this helps me sail through such days as I use this more frequently on my pain days and it eases out the stress , pain and all negativity slowly.

3. Twenty Minute Mediation for  Chronic Pain

This video begins with an introduction to chronic pain which you skip and go directly to 3.30 where the actual meditation starts. This one is extremely powerful and there are days when I have started this in tears and ended this with a smile on my lips.

4. Guided Meditation for Pain & Discomfort

Here, we are introduced to the art of visualization which helps us heal pain and discomfort we are experiencing in our mind, body and soul. As chronic pain survivors, it is important for us to understand how visualization works in helping us battle with our ailments and this video guides you perfectly on it.

5. Deep Relaxing Aches

As the name suggests, this is the video I use when I have extreme pain days and am unable to even sleep.

Image Source: Total Yoga

At times, we tend to under estimate the power of one healing hug, a sound, a particular music, meditation and other such things which actually turn out to be much more powerful than any medication also. Especially on troublesome days when nothing seems right, these videos have helped me set them right… and if not, then atleast set myself right to be able to face it all , again.

Here’s hoping they are helpful to you. Do you have any such favourite audios which help you heal? Do share here in comments for other readers to also make use of them.



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