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Gifts for Spoonies

Spoonies are a wonder. The illnesses they suffer would floor even Hercules! If just one among the long list of chronic illnesses befell him or formed a part of his dozen trials, he would’ve failed to be a legend that He now is. (Of course, I’m speculating. But I might not be wrong!)

They did not ask for it, they do not deserve it but they have to live with it. They are the Chronic Pain Warriors. Life is unfair, but it is doubly so for these brave souls, fighting it out. But one thing remains constant, these beautiful people in excruciating pain are somebody’s loved ones & as such it is heart-breaking to see them that way, frustrating because of the feeling of utter helplessness.

Here are some gift ideas that would be appreciated (hopefully) by the Warriors. They could find it helpful and you would find it liberating. Finally, being able to do something, even remotely useful. So, it’s a win-win (as much as it can be in circumstances like this).

1. Journals: People dealing with chronic illnesses, often tackle “brain fog“. It is a lack of mental clarity, including but not limited to memory loss, difficulty concentrating, lack of focus, etc. My personal Chronic Pain Warrior, once told me “most of my happy days are blurry”. It broke my heart. So, yes. A Journal. Inexpensive & not so original, but still a very good idea. Personalize it, get creative with it or maybe get it in a colour that symbolizes their chronic illness awareness. While you’re at it, get a light-weight pen to go with it. Writing is cathartic, be a part of it.

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2. A Beautiful Pill Box: They are popping pills left and right. They might not like it but that’s an undeniable part of their life now. Get them a beautiful pill box to stow away their comrades in arms. Expensive, inexpensive, carved, not carved, pictured, not pictured; it’s all your choice. More than the box, the idea is by giving a pill box, you’re accepting they are ill. You’re not brushing off the topic or going at lengths to ignore it. You’re embracing it with open arms, and that might be a bigger gift to your Warrior in a world of “You don’t look ill“.

3. Fuzzy Socks & Pyjamas: Who wouldn’t want fuzzy socks & pyjamas?? It’s a no brainer but here is the reason why. Most Warriors spend a lot of time at home, why not help them do so in comfort? A pair or two of fuzzy socks or slippers with non-slip soles and pyjamas with drawstrings so that they are super adjustable, because you know, an elastic band would be useless during a flare period or bloating. Gift them these thoughtful comfort clothing and watch them light up.

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4. Epsom Salt Lotion : A long hot soak in a bath with Epsom salt relieves pain. But, what about those days when there aren’t enough spoons left for a soak? This gift is for precisely those occasions. The goodness of the bath salt packed into a lotion, to relieve pain on those really bad days.

5. Weighted Blanket : All the pain & the medications must get to them, at some point. A weighted blanket that mimics a hug could just be that pick-me-up they sometimes want. The anxiety of going through it all, the roil of emotions churning inside makes it hard to get a good night’s sleep. Your gift will stand to come in handy. Also, it reduces the bed movements while asleep, averting unintended pain and flares.

6. Dodow (Sleep Aid Device) : This metronome-like sleep gadget uses guided breathing techniques to help one fall asleep. It is light based and switches itself off once it completes its set time. Sounds like a god-send to those who find it a colossus task falling asleep. Your Chronic Pain Warrior won’t have to spend precious spoons waiting for sleep to grace their exhausted self, and that might just make a difference.

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These gifts are not a promise to make everything alright, so don’t expect miracles. These are just a way of showing you care & even though we might never understand their pain,
it kills us having to see them going through it all. More importantly, these are the gifts of acceptance. So, if you are looking to give something to your Warrior & you feel completely lost about how to proceed, this list is a tiny nudge towards a more thoughtful direction.

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