understanding & exploring chronic pain
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Come join us for a workshop in Bengaluru, India.

A support group meeting with a twist to accept, bond, rejuvenate & walk slowly towards a better life.

Date :- Sunday,16 June 2019

Time :-11:00AM- 3:30PM

Venue :- The Bohemian House, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Rd, Inside Hotel, Woody’s, Richmond Town, Bengaluru

Facilitators :- Dr Anubha Mahajan (Founder & Chairman, Chronic Pain India), Ms. Bhavisha Sanadhya (An art based therapist)

This workshop will be a one of a kind event, using art & theatre to accept, support & build stronger bonds. Anybody who has a relationship with chronic pain or chronic illness, which has a key factor as pain is welcome to be a part of this workshop. You can be a pain warrior, a caregiver, a friend or a doctor who deals with such issues on a daily basis.

Come with an open mind to understand your relationship with pain in a different way.

Kindly RSVP at – chronicpainindia@gmail.com

understanding & exploring chronic pain

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